The story of TaxPoint

The story of TaxPoint

Conversions went from 4% to 24% in less than a week with a new design

When founders of TaxPoint Kevin and Todd reached out they were in desperate need of a landing page re-design. They had been running their current campaign on Unbounce for a while. They had lot's of hard earned traffic but a very low conversion rate. Considering they were right in the middle of the busiest season for their industry, federal e-filing, they needed a solution — quick!

The goal for the landing page was to leverage all that paid traffic they were getting and significantly increase the current conversion rate of only 4%.

I took their existing copy and design and gave it the DayChamp overhaul.

A key design strategy I needed to factor in was their competitive landscape.

Although TaxPoint isn't directly competing with major tax filing software providers they are still trying to convert a wide demographic of potential customers who have many options. We needed a design that reflected this. It had to be inviting and friendly but still build trust and confidence especially in an industry where you are dealing with very sensitive information, financials.

Keeping in tempo with their current branding I used variations of their corporate colours, played with high contrast for calls-to-action, chose clean typography and welcoming graphics. Photography played a huge role in increasing conversions. Originally TaxPoint was using generic stock. I decided to source high quality photos from free online sites that provide beautiful high-resolution original pieces. The results speak for themselves.

Before — 4% conversion rate

Taxpoint Before

After — 24% conversion rate

Taxpoint Before

We created 3 different pages for TaxPoint, each with 3-5 variants. All converted over 20%.

“Working with DayChamp we were able to execute our project quick and still get quality deliverables. We improved our conversions from 4% to 24% in less than a week with our new designs. Plus we walked away with invaluable insight on landing page strategy. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to get started with Unbounce.”

Todd Carter

— Todd Carter, CTO and CoFounder at TaxPoint

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