DayChamp 2016


- A look back at year one and how it all began -

“We believe that good marketing starts with a good design.”

What began as a freelance project in early 2015 has grown into a flourishing conversion machine. We are more than just guns for hire - we're an empowering force that provides recurring value long after the contract is done!

We do more than just work with our clients, we inspire them to roll up their sleeves, get involved, be their success and have fun in the process.

Together our team brings 15 plus years of design, marketing and product experience to the table. It is our goal to continue to help educate, fuel and build long lasting relationships with our clients living each day one conversion at a time.

We've designed over


landing pages

We've integrated over


of them

And optimized more than we can count.

We've helped dozens of organizations and individuals world wide in 5 countries and 13 industries achieve their conversion goals

We've attended 8 events,

presented at 5 of them,

and hosted. 3.

WE SPENT over 200 hrs at the gym & 300 hrs jogging in the countryside

2147 hrs

on Slack

1217 hrs

collaborating on

127 hrs

video calls made on

3024 coffees consumed

2016 Highlights

We started the Montreal Unbounce Community on Facebook.

We kicked-off the first ever Unbounce Breather Sessions.

We've worked with both local and national partners:

And, we have provided consultation with agencies across North America.

Thank You!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported us this past year. Huge thanks to our PPC, business partners and good friends Jonathan Naccache and Stefano Apostolakos of Webistry Inc. We'd also like to thank our freelancers: Beth Thouin, Moniba Ali, Jonathan Klang and Julia Haney.

We'd like to take a moment and thank some of our Happy Clients (in no particular order): Hunchly, Kelly Klee, Mountain Goat Software, LicenseDesk, Fatstone Farm, Redbooth, GuideVine, Keaton Row, World Vision Canada, Auragin, Into the Vineyard and so many more.

And we cannot forget all our families and friends, we love you!

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